How do I copy and paste word documents?



How do I copy and paste word documents?

There are two ways at this one.

1) The first is a keyboard shortcut that allows you more options in your Visual Text Editor for writing pages and posts. To see a button for importing Word documents do one of the following shortcuts depending on your operating system and browser.

Go from this:

to this:

Just hit alt-shift-v (Firefox) or alt-v (IE) to toggle it. (Not seeing either of those? Visit Users → Your Profile and make sure that “Use the visual editor when writing” is checked. Still having problems? Contact us.)

Alternatively, in the plugins tab there is a tool that gives you a more sophisticated visual text editor. If you activate this plugin you will see an icon with the MS Word icon in your visual text editor when writing posts or pages. Click on this and copy the Word Document text into this window and save it. This strips out all the MS Word code and "cleans" the text for publishing on WordPress. There may be some minor formatting you have to update afterwards, but most of the formatting from MS Word should remain in tact.

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