How do I export my data from UMW Blogs?



How do I export my data from UMW Blogs?

Exporting your blog from UMW Blogs is easy, but there are some important issues you may want to keep in mind, so be sure to read this entire article!

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To export your data from UMW Blogs, you need to do an export for your blog (or an individual export for each and every blog you have on this service). You do this in the Manage-->export subtab. When you export your blog you will be given an XML file that sotres all of the posts and comments for your entire blog. Keep in mind that links and pages will not export. We are working on building in this functionality, but for the moment you need to keep this in mind.

Important: If your blog has a series or documents that you uploaded directly to UMW Blogs, you will need to contact us in order to get copies of all those files. Once you have these files and upload them to your new space, be sure to change the URLs to reflect the location of your blog. Additionally, you will need to update the URLs to images and documents in your new blog in order for them to work. This might all be avoided if you use a third-party service like Flickr for images and DivShare for documents to avoid chasing broken URLs -for these links to images and documents will not change, even if your blog address does -very convenient when moving your data.

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