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EagleEye Documentation

This guide provides a step-by-step process of getting a UMW Blogs username, signing up for the Eagle Eye site and finally how to create a new post.

Contributing to EagleEye

1) Go to Eagle Eye website and click "contribute" in the header or sidebar:


2) Fill in your UMW Blogs information and click submit email. A UMW Blogs username is required to join the site. If you do not already have a UMW Blogs account click here.


Note: EagleEye does not require you to have a site, only a username.

3) Check for the confirmation email (be sure to check your Junk Mail folder). Please wait for an email confirming that you have been added, which may be a bit of delay given we are manually authorizing new authors.

(The thank you page for Eagle Eye)


Once you have received that confirmation email, you can now begin contributing to Eagle Eye.

How to create a post in Eagle Eye

You will first need to find the "Site Admin" link which can be found on the right side of the page if you scroll down to the section entitled "Meta". This link will take you to what is known as the "backend" of the website.


To get started writing, click on the "posts" section and also click "add new post".


This will take you to a very simple looking page where you can type the title of your post as well as your main content. From there save your draft. It is always recommended to save any of your work before trying to publish. You may also notice that you can add tags as well as select the category. For the purposes of the Eagle Eye site, all posts if uncategorized are set to the default "What's New @ UMW".

Writing up posts for Eagle Eye is a relatively easy process,


and if you require more assistance please see the UMW Blogs support page for more information on creating posts as well as more specifics about the WordPress platform.

Adding a featured image to a post

In order to add a featured image in Eagle Eye you will need to upload an image from your computer into the site's media gallery and then set it as your featured image. Notice that you do not have to insert the image into the post if you do not want. Below are simple instructions for adding a featured image.


  • click "set featured image."
  • browse for the photo you would like to upload to Eagle Eye's media gallery.
  • Next you will see an option for "use as featured image" underneath the size option.

Voila you now have a snazzy featured image to go along with your post.