UMW’s Digital Literary Journals

Below are the three literary journals (ECOllective, The Zephyranthes, and Spindle) that were created this semester for Claudia Emerson’s Literary Journals class. Take a look to see some of UMW’s finest creative minds at work, as well as a wealth of talent from various national and international destinations.

History Students Honor James Farmer’s Legacy

Over the semester students from Dr. McClurken’s Digital History Seminar have been working hard to create websites researching various topics to provide people with useful information all in one space.

One group created a site about James Farmer and his legacy. Within the site there is a timeline of his life, quotes, videos and more. It is clear from the site that these students put a lot of work into honoring the great James Farmer.

Take a look at the mashup video they created honoring Farmer’s life.

It has even been reported that Dr.McClurken became a bit choked up when viewing it.

For those of you who missed the link in the page here is the URL: