UMW Abroad

Image of Ferris Wheel in Paris, FranceWhile Serena keeps the weekly installments of images capturing the “City of Light” coming, Stephanie —another of UMW’s faithful abroad—offers up her own vision of Paris.

And if you want to read some missives from the center of European culture, you can get regular updates from Italy on Jana’s blog coming live from the masterpiece that is Florence.

If anyone else has a space online (by no means limited to UMW Blogs) tracing their trips, adventures, and/or follies abroad that they would like to share, drop the URL in the comments. Au revoir.

Tracking the Housing Crisis

Housing Crisis BlogDavid Merkowitz’s Real Estate Crisis and a Little American Studies blog traces news about the current housing crisis in the US on a regular basis. It’s a personal favorite because I can get a ton of information about the spiraling effects of greed and consumption gone awry from one RSS feed! The format of the blog is simple and quite old school, it has a brief description of an article accompanied by a link to the original— in many ways hearkening back to the roots of web logs.

Miltonauts Disover Paradise Lost

Image of frontispiece for Milton's Paradise LostDr. Gardner Campbell will be hosting the twelfth and final Paradise Lost all-night readathon at UMW this Friday, July 11th. For more details and directions click here. And while we are on the subject of professor Campbell and Milton, take a look at his Summer seminar’s course blog—brilliantly titled Attack of the Summer Miltonauts—that traces the class’s distributed thoughts, commentaries, and struggles with the great works of John Milton. Well worth your time to read these “thoughts inflam’d with highest design.”

Summer in Paris

One of UMW’s finest is currently exploring Paris, and UMW Blogs recently got wind of some of the amazing photos she has been taking on this trip. If you want to see Paris through the eyes of a master, make sure to regularly check out highlights on her blog, or take a look at the Paris 2008 set on her Flickr account (looks like only friends and family can see the photo sets on flickr as of now). Great stuff!