Prof. Steve Gallik’s Online Laboratory Suite

Professor Steve Gallik has been developing an Online Laboratory Suite for his Biology labs over the last couple of years. It is an online application that guides students through laboratory experiments programmatically, making calculations and allowing them a space to record and store their data on the web. To get a sense of how it works, watch his screencast demonstrating the uses of his Cell Biology Online Laboratory Manual:

Screencast of Steve Gallik\'s Online Laboratory Suite

Screencast of Steve Gallik's Online Laboratory Suite

Additionally, Professor Gallik is harnessing the power of UWM Blogs to help export the students’ laboratory data from his Online Laboratory Suite to their own, personalized Digital Lab Notebooks (that we won’t call a blog, but a lablog ). Professor Gallik and I talked with Gerry Bayne from EDUCAUSE this Summer about the Online Laboratory Suite as well as the use is and how it may prove useful.

Download OLS and LabLogs Digital Laboratory Notebooks

See Lablogs in action here.

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