Obama Rally at UMW

Barak Obama at Rally on UMW Campus

Barak Obama at Rally on UMW Campus

Professor Anand Rao has a number of great images documenting his experience of the Obama Rally that took place on campus yesterday. Above is just one of the gems you will find in his Flickr set of 90 images.

Also, you can read other posts about the Obama Rally on UMW Blogs here.

Digiarts: Scanner as Camera

You can use the scanner as a camera!!! Crazy? Maybe…

Art professor Rosemary Jesionowski’s students in her Digital Approaches to Art course just completed their first project titled “Scanograms,” in which they created compositions using images captured on a scanner. Each student scanned five items and then, using Adobe Photoshop, cut out the objects and rearranged them into a new composition. Pretty cool stuff, and quite beautiful too!

Globalization A-Z

Professor Steve Greenlaw’s Freshman Seminar dealing with Globalization is making its mark on UMW Blogs. The class as a whole is already intensely active, engaging some fascinating topics in a distributed manner through their own blogs. Between this post on the ABCs of Globalization and this image of “When old meets new” (both of which are reproduced below), you have to believe that these students are moving far beyond the traditional manner of examining this topic.

A: all, advances

When Old Meets New

When Old Meets New

B: behind, buisness, balance

C: culture, creation, connections, competition, computers, crowded, convergence

D: destruction

E: earth, economy

F: flat

G: government, green revolution

H: hope, homogenization

I: ideas, internet, involvement, inevitable

J: junction

K: knowledge

L: learning

M: money

N: new

O: open, outsourcing

P: people, pollution, population


R: revolution, rapid

S: sharing, spreading

T: technology, trade, “Third World”, trust

U: universal, united, unprotected


W: worldwide


Y: yearning


The Political Cartoons of Herblock

Look! — Nice Tapes, Okay, Boy?—Okay?–

Look! — Nice Tapes, Okay, Boy?—Okay?–

Robert “Roblog” Lynn has an excellent post about the art and career of political cartoonist Herbert Block. As is often the case, I am always learning fascinating stuff from the magic that is UMW Blogs, and the Roblog is consistently an excellent source of both information and inspiration. He’ll be spending this year thinking about “the structure of newspaper comics” and he starts off with a look at the National Portrait Gallery’s retrospective of Block’s work. Here’s an excerpt from his post:

Going by the trade name of Herblock, he coined the term “McCarthyism,” now a required vocabulary word for every 11th grade American history student, and gave us some of the most memorable images of Richard Nixon ever drawn. The exhibition includes his minimal set of drawing supplies and the beautifully goofy bronze National Cartoonist Society’s Rueben Award (named after Rube Goldberg. It looks sorta like this). Most interesting of all is the opportunity to see how the artist worked–the still visible non-photo-blue pencil drawings, his large, fluid sketchy inkings, and the frequently whited out and taped over faces he corrected again and again and again.

Read the rest of the post here.

Risky Mermaid

Serena Epstein produced a magical mashup re-contextualizing The Little Mermaid by setting it to the soundtrack of the Risky Business trailer for professor Anand Rao’s Visual Rhetoric course. Behold the magic of this brilliant mashup; Ariel is framed in a whole new light!