Clubs and Organizations on UMW Blogs

One of the most interesting elements of UMW Blogs is the way in which things kinda happen on their own accord, and the publishing environment takes on a life of its own. For example, I track a lot of the posts and comments that go through the system, and what I have begun to recognize is that clubs and organizations at Mary Washington are using this space to get their announcements out by using this system to create quick and easy websites with built-in syndication.

So, why not aggregate all the announcements into one space and make things easy for the community to discover, view, and subscribe to? Well, thanks to the wonders of RSS and a WordPress spam plugin it’s a cinch. Check out the UMW Clubs and Organizations blog, which features the latest posts from contributing clubs and organizations at UMW, along with a list of the contributing groups. Additionally, if any club or organization wants to add their site (which can be hosted on UMW Blogs or any other service with a feed), it’s a simple form to fill out to get their announcements syndicated into this site.

Who is Uncle Lumpy?

Have you seen Uncle Lumpy’s Down-Home Art Blog and Pancake Emporium? It seems to be a wild class experiment that has emerged on UMW Blogs, wherein all the authors are blogging under what seems to be personae (check out the very entertaining contributors page for a few examples). It’s a healthy mix of local art news, pancake recipes, and a Q & A column with Uncle Lumpy himself—which is hysterical. The blog is a lot of fun and is featuring a number of artists which is a great resource for cool information. What becomes immediately apparent is that the unknown souls behind this project are consciously creating an online art news and entertainment space that moves well beyond the classroom and out to the UMW community more generally, and even one step beyond….I’m digging Uncle Lumpy!