Re-imagining the Science Poster

In Judith Parker’s Psycholinguistics course students have been asked to create scientific posters, but they were encouraged to explore new ways of presenting their work online. Justin Toney created his science poster for the class with Glogster, an online poster tool that enables linking, embedding, media, as well as re-posting it on other sites, such as a UMW Blog. I think he used Glogster to some great effect—don’t you? I really dig the design and aesthetics of his work. Imagine that, a web-based science poster that isn’t a progeny of PowerPoint and actually has some character and sass! You can see the full screen version of Justin’s work here.

To explore more tools like Glogster take a look at Alan Levin’s incredible resource “50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story.”

Consumerism and the American Dream?

Professor Krystyn Moon’s seminar on the history of consumerism in the 20th century is taking a fascinating approach to their topic. They’re not only blogging their reflections on the various texts they are reading throughout the semester, they have also created a group blog for the course wherein everyone features a product on their own personal wish list. I find this a fascinating experiment wherein a class openly inhabits the very space that they are critically examining. Who says personal happiness can’t be equated with the critical examination of purchasing material possessions? Check out their course blog, and do some virtual window shopping.

It’s all Carole Garmon’s fault!!!

That’s right, Carole Garmon is to blame for four more years, but it could be you! Looks like the folks over at Uncle Lumpy are having some fun!

Whosoever you vote for tomorrow, just be sure to vote!