Katabasis: A Journey through a Virtual Course Space

Image of Katabasis site Professor Angela Gosetti’s course blog for her “Katabasis in Myth and Film” Freshman seminar has been one of the most fun, active and engaged spaces on UMW Blogs I have yet to see. If you don’t know what katabasis means (kinda like me before following this course), it’s from the Greek and generally means a “descent”, but more specifically denotes a journey downwards into Hades. And with more than 200 posts and 250+ comments—many of which are far longer than the original post—it has been an absolutely fascinating journey through which to witness the life of the mind unfold. Professor Gosetti’s success with this space for generating a group-based discussion for a seminar course is remarkable, and the course blog also provided a platform for all kinds of sharing of web resources throughout the semester. Impressively conceived and executed, you should ask Angela about the thinking behind this one!

Also, be sure to take a look at the creative final projects using all kinds of media, such as an impressive list of films featuring a Katbasis, still photography, a “Choose your own adventure” website, some inspired, artwork, a look at Katabasis in the film Groundhog Day, and much, much more.

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  1. Angela Gosetti-Murrayjohn
    Angela Gosetti-Murrayjohn says:

    There is a reason we call Jim “The Reverend”– one presentation by Jim at the beginning of the semester on the possibilities for intellectual interaction that digital technology can create, and the students were hooked!

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