Venice is now open!

This afternoon was the opening of the online exhibit created by the members of Professor Marjorie Och’s upper-level Art History Seminar on Venice. The semester was dedicated to researching the rich art history of the “City of Water”, and they tracked their research and discussion over the last fifteen weeks in a course space here (and there has been some great discussion there as of late—check out the Billboard posts). Over the last two weeks they have created a site which acts as both an exhibit and a kind of course publication wherein you can read first hand the work they have been doing on topics ranging from Titian;s Altarpieces to Early Modern Women’s Clothing to Conserving Venice to the Venice Biennale. But the homepage of the online exhibit sums it up best:

This site offers visitors the opportunity to see our students’ research on this remarkable city in a format we have referred to as our online exhibit. An actual exhibit on the city of Venice is clearly impossible — one could never transport the Grand Canal or Palazzo Ducale into a museum space. But technology allows us to bring together different aspects of the city, its visual culture, and history in a format where we can discuss the great palazzi along the Grand Canal or the magnificent space in front of San Marco.

And while we still have to put up the timeline and add some links between sections of the students “wall panels” (I take full responsibility for this oversight), it’s an impressive display of a seminar course coming together to share their research and frame a broader examination of a cultural treasure like the city of Venice as a series of individual efforts cultivated and fostered by a group examination of a topic. Bravo tutti!

Also, I have to give a special shout out to Katherine Ahrens research blog, she was constantly tracking and sharing her work, and seemed to have a lot of fun in the process which made reading her work that much more enjoyable. Plus, as an added bonus, she included some really cool pictures of her recent trip to Venice.

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