UMW Blogs wants you!

While many of you might think the right Reverend is the only cat who can feature excellent work happening on and around UMW Blogs, you’d be right up and until now. But that is all about to change. The fact is, while I love featuring work from around the community, I have to admit that there is far too much amazing work happening around UMW Blogs for any one person to get a clear handle on it all. So, in the spirit of openness that this whole experiment was conceived, UMW Blogs wants you to feature either a post, or profile an entire blog, that you think deserves wider attention. The option is open to any one in the UMW Blogs community, all you need is the will and a username.

Moreover, doing it is actually quite simple, once you have a username and have logged in, look for the “Feature a post!” area in the sidebar on the UMW Blogs homepage and click on the “Add me” button. After that, you will be made a contributor of this blog and you can feature away. Keep in mind your post will not be published immediately, it will be added to a queue, and will not show up until the previous featured post has enjoyed a certain amount of time at the top.

So, what are you still doing here reading?  Go on, get out there and find one of the thousands of awesome posts around UMW Blogs that desrves to be featured–we’ll leave that criteria up to you. For ask not what UMW Blogs can do for you, but what you can do for UMW Blogs!

Special thanks to Serena Epstein for the photoshopping.

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