Image of Debra Hydorn's students at Joe DiBella art showThe students in professor Debra Hydorn’s Freshman Seminar EscherMath have created a series of pieces that imagine “the mathematics of art.” They class visited professor Joseph DiBella’s exhibit at UMW’s DuPont Gallery in order to study how he “uses symmetry and pattern to define space, fill space and create borders in and around his works.” After thinking and discussing the way in which art and mathematics intersect, students imagined and created their own pieces as you can see from the fruits of their labor above. Professor Hydorn’s course provides a wonderful example of how a Freshman Seminar might explore the interdisciplinary nature of the arts and sciences in some creative ways–very exciting and inspiring stuff afoot at UMW.

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  1. lreynold
    lreynold says:

    For the Playing with Perspective Group Exploration wanted to play with the 3-dimensional aspects of changing perspectives. The piece I created Is a stair-like structure made of 2 black and white construction paper. I cut away images from the black paper to create the sides of the stairs and left the white paper whole as a background for the two sides. To hold all the sides together I use smaller pieces of black construction paper adhered with glue and some heavy-duty double-sided tape. The angle of perspective the viewer sees my 3-dimensional image changes what they see. From the front there is just a straight black line where is from the sides you can see the cut out details.

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