UMW Blogs Upgraded

We have upgraded UMW Blogs to the latest version of WordPress Multi-User, which has been nick-named “Coltrane” after the late, great Jazz musician. This version has a very different user interface on the administrative backend, and it may be a bit confusing at first glance. However, we have documented the whole thing for you in the support section here, so be sure to take a look there if you get lost. Also, if you have any specific issues or questions please contact Jim Groom at 654-1997, or use the contact email form here. Finally, take a look at the video above which provides a quick overview of the latest version of WordPress.

UMW Blogs featured in EDUCAUSE’s 7 Things on PLE

UMW Blogs featured in Educause's 7 Things on PLE

Yesterday I noticed (thanks to tweets from Jeff McClurken and Martha Burtis) that EDUCAUSE’s “7 Things You Should Know About Personal Learning Environments” features the University of Mary Washington as one of the schools experimenting and fostering PLEs on a larger, campus-wide scale. In particular, they feature the possibilities for creating a personal learning environment through UMW Blogs. It’s odd, but I’ve never really thought of UMW Blogs as a PLE or PLN—and this is probably because I try and avoid these acronyms because the language seems so dessicated to me. However, I think the there is some real truth to thinking about a log space on UMW Blogs as an easy and supported way for entering into the larger conceptual idea of how the personal web can be traced, supported, and visualized within an institution.
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On Tap: Faculty Academy

We are gearing for Faculty Academy this Wednesday and Thursday-be sure to check out the site for an amazing program featuring the work that has happened at UMW this year. Let’s do this!

Virginia Professional Service Week

The Human Resources folks here at UMW are promoting the work being done by the Mary Washington community members. They have developed a site here on UMW Blogs that allows anyone to easily nominate a fellow employee who is doing outstanding work in a wide range of categories. Come on, be a team player and nominate someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty. No one truly resents a little recognition every now and then, and it’s good for the family, it’s good for the relationship, it’s good all around!