Whitman at War

Image of Walt WhitmanThis past Saturday, the 4th of July, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities radio program “With Good Reason” aired an interview with UMW’s own Mara Scanlon and Brady Earnhart on the topic of Walt Whitman during the Civil War. Below is the description of the segment:

In 1862, poet Walt Whitman went to Fredericksburg, Virginia, searching for his brother George who had been wounded in a Civil War battle. Whitman was so moved by the carnage he found that he worked as a nurse for the rest of the war.  Mara Scanlon and Brady Earnhart (University of Mary Washington) say Whitman was helping heal wounded soldiers in the same way he hoped his poetry could heal the war-torn nation.

It’s exciting to see UMW’s faculty mass communicatin’ about Whitman’s Civil War, something they’ll be taking to the next level as part of an NEH Grant that will be experimenting with the possibilities of harnessing online social media for studying and discussing Whitman’s poetry with five different courses in four distinct locales. See more on this project here.

Download “Whitman at War” July 4th, 2009