Support Locally Grown App(le)s

Four students at UMW under Computer Science Professor Jennifer Polack-Wahl’s direction have been working on creating iPod Touch apps to be used by Kindergarten and First Graders. They are teaming up with a teacher, Heather Howe, from nearby Hartwood Elementary to create apps that specifically target trouble areas for K and 1st graders.

In order to take advantage of the apps the students have been working on Hartwood Elementary is competing for a $5000 grant sponsored by Pepsi. If they received the grant it would buy 17 iPod Touches and one MacBook computer.

Now here is where you come in. Please take a look at their page on the Pepsi Refresh Project site and vote for it if you think this project is doing important work in the field of education. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends and family to take a look too and encourage them to vote before the end of the month.

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