Site Promotes Teaching Innovation at UMW

The UMW Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning has opened up shop in UMW Blogs. The new site at was developed over the summer to showcase professional development opportunities for faculty and resources on teaching innovation and pedagogical research.

UMW professor of economics, Steve Greenlaw, who is currently the acting director of the Center, spearheaded the effort to develop a new Web presence for Teach UMW. Among other things, he wanted a site that would be easy to use, incorporate information from other teaching service units on campus, and provide a hub for conversation about teaching excellence at the University.

To that end, a listserv was started to compliment the new site. Anyone can subscribe on the site, and, upon doing so, will receive a message whenever new content is posted. In addition, members of the list can send messages to each other and participate in a general conversation about teaching excellence and innovation.

New Digs for Art & Art History

UMW’s department of art and art history has set up shop in UMW Blogs at The new site, aimed at students and alumni, provides important announcements, bios of faculty, links to course and faculty Web sites, and news about alumni. In addition, the department student handbook is available for download.

The site is the most recent in a set of departmental presences in UMW Blogs. Aimed at internal audiences (as opposed to the official department site which serves official University information for prospective students, faculty, and external audiences), these sites provide the best-of-breed publishing features and tools that are integrated into WordPress and UMW Blogs. Departments can make use of simple media integration, RSS feeds for sharing news and announcements, and a number of plugins that extend the platform’s capabilities.

Rochelle’s Online Lair

UMW creative writing professor, Warren Rochelle, recently redesigned his professional Web site at Hosted on UMW Blogs, the site shares information about professor Rochelle’s third novel, The Called, published this past July.

Professor Rochelle built the site a few years ago as a way to share information about his work. On the site, you can find summaries of each of his novels, as well as reviews and excerpts. He has also begun to share media files of recent interviews which you can listen to online.

The site represents the kind of professional presence that anyone at UMW can develop on the UMW Blogs platform. Individually purchased domain names can be “mapped” onto any site in the system — allowing faculty and students to build out their own domain and online identity.