photshopped image of a book with the following text

Dusting off the Classics

Hello UMWBlogs Users! You might be surprised to see a new post pop-up on the frontpage. We admit it has been a long time since we posted anything here, but that hasn’t stopped you all from continuing to use UMWBlogs as a place to create and share your work. We in Digital Learning Support think it is time for UMWBlogs to receive a little attention over the coming weeks and months. Here are some of the changes that will be coming your way:

* A new homepage for UMWBlogs. Nothing radical, just moving us in to the last decade.

* Integrating single-sign on. That way you can use your NetID and password like you do in other UMW systems.

* Updated themes and plugins. We plan to improve the options for individual blogs as well as improve the functionality of the site overall.

Before any of this work gets done we will e-mail users of UMWBlogs to notify them with specifics for when to expect to see changes and how to reach out to us if they experience issues with the changes.

We are excited to give UMWBlogs a tune-up and we are glad you are still here with us after all these years. We think UMWBlogs can continue to provide an easy and reliable place to do thoughtful and creative work. Our hope is that with a bit of sprucing up we’ll be able to continue the legacy of good work that has occurred on this platform for over a decade.

photshopped image of a book with the following text

This image is a remix of a photo, “Grandma’s cookbook: inside the cover”. Photo taken by litlnemo. Verbiage on the page inspired by the original.

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