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Adaptations Creates a Web of Media

Professor Whalen’s ENGL251yy course “Adaptations” is doing big things over on their course website


This course is about analyzing works that were inspired and adapted from other works.  Currently, the students of ENGL251yy are making an intricate web of connected media.   Each student is expected to complete 10 different “vectors”, by connecting them to other vectors already placed on the web.  Check out their ongoing vector project here on a Google Doc.


Audio Presentations Showcase Students’ Work

Dr. Scanlon’s course Women and Modernism requires students to give a presentation during the semester, however, there’s a twist.  These presentations are recorded and put up on the course website for all to hear.

After listening to a presentation on Women’s Fashion and Cross-Dressing in the Modernist Era, I have to say I’m glad that this is a course requirement.  Not only does this help students in the course figure out how to use new technology for educational purposes, it also allows those who are thinking about taking the course get a sneak peek at the topics studied throughout the semester.


I highly enjoyed these presentations and I hope this becomes a new trend for professors to follow.



UMW Student’s Pen Spinning Blog Goes Viral!

Apparently the internet loves two things: cats and how-to videos on pen spinning.

Penspin.info isn’t just a blog about your everyday basic pen spinning techniques, however.  This student is truly a master of the art of pen spinning, and his videos are very helpful on the subject.  You too could easily become a spinning guru thanks to this blog!

Penspin.info gave UMWblogs.org the most traffic it’s received to date, boasting 10,000+ visitors in a single day.  This is partially thanks to Professor Whalen’s Writing Through Media course, which encourages students to post on reddit to gain karma, which in turn, boosts their grade.  Here’s the reddit post featuring Penspin.info with 200+ “upvotes” (sort of an equivalent to the “like” button on Facebook).

So forgo those old pencils and go on and get your pen spin on.

Art goes digital at UMW

Jesionowski’s class ART104 – Digital Approaches to Fine Art is doing really neat things over on their umwblogs site.  From animated gifs to infographics, Jesionowski’s students are given assignments that pertain to the new ways that we view art today.  The student’s blogs are where the magic is really happening though.  Check out great examples of their work, such as Sydney‘s infographic and Callie‘s animated gif.  Definitely something to explore!

Student studies abroad in Australia

A lot of us think about studying abroad, but few of us actually get the opportunity.  Meet Valerie Lapointe, whose blog depicts her experience of taking classes on the other side of the globe – Australia!  Filled with beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions, Valerie captures her time in Australia perfectly.  For those of us who can’t travel for a year, live vicariously through Valerina!