Summer in Paris

One of UMW’s finest is currently exploring Paris, and UMW Blogs recently got wind of some of the amazing photos she has been taking on this trip. If you want to see Paris through the eyes of a master, make sure to regularly check out highlights on her blog, or take a look at the Paris 2008 set on her Flickr account (looks like only friends and family can see the photo sets on flickr as of now). Great stuff!

ITEC 521

Instructional Technology PonderingsTeresa Coffman’s ITEC 521 course is doing some exciting things with the small pieces loosely joined approach to instructional technologies.  The class has been exploring Twitter, playing with wikis at wikispaces, collaborating on a Wikibook, and using Google Pages as eportfolios just to name a few of the ways they have been using the open web to share, collaborate, and present the work they have been doing.

But the larger, more exciting push in this course is really captured by Professor Coffman’s explanation of the logic behind the class wikibook (a draft of which can be found here):

The goal is to provide a resource for teachers to learn about information literacy topics, ideas, and skills. It is important that teachers meet the needs of their students and to enhance their classrooms by incorporating these ideas into their curriculum. Our hope, this book will help with this process.

Now this is life’s work! And such a sentiment captures the reason why all these tools are really about sharing resources and forming online communities that create a pool of resources and support for teachers and students alike to fully engage the changing landscape of literacy in the 21st century.

Judges 5:27 Strikes Again

Image of a squirrelIf you aren’t reading the blog Judges 5:27 you should be. Always full of great commentary and conversations on a variety of things philosophical and meta-physical.

A recent post entitled Philippians 2:2 discusses among other things people who record their mp3s and share them with the world. Some are good, some are bad, some are just plain weird.

Enjoy this haunting song about squirrels:


UMW’s Digital Literary Journals

Below are the three literary journals (ECOllective, The Zephyranthes, and Spindle) that were created this semester for Claudia Emerson’s Literary Journals class. Take a look to see some of UMW’s finest creative minds at work, as well as a wealth of talent from various national and international destinations.

History Students Honor James Farmer’s Legacy

Over the semester students from Dr. McClurken’s Digital History Seminar have been working hard to create websites researching various topics to provide people with useful information all in one space.

One group created a site about James Farmer and his legacy. Within the site there is a timeline of his life, quotes, videos and more. It is clear from the site that these students put a lot of work into honoring the great James Farmer.

Take a look at the mashup video they created honoring Farmer’s life.

It has even been reported that Dr.McClurken became a bit choked up when viewing it.

For those of you who missed the link in the page here is the URL: