Roblog’s “Storm Tossed Ship (Gonna Make it to the Ocean)”

Once again Robert Lynn, of Roblog fame, is a UMW Blogs feature. Check out his soundtrack for the conceptual art piece “Storm Tossed Ship (Gonna make it to the Ocean)” below, and also take a look at his “Statement of Intent” for this piece, which was featured at this weekend’s Art Show put on by UMW ’s Art department representing Carole Garmon’s Sculpture Class.

Storm Tossed Ship (Gonna Make It To The Ocean) is a video artwork which couples an original guitar-and-voice song with a brief, looped video clip of a stream of urine pushing an expended cigarette butt, which floats in a white porcelain toilet bowl. The song, which is sung in a puppet-like voice that is barely discernible itself, features the singer describing himself as a storm tossed ship, a giant squid, a captive whale and a rusted pail, all of which are going to “make it to the ocean.”

Download Dangerfield Poisonberry performs “Storm Tossed Ship (Gonna Make it to the Ocean)”