Hardboiled Course Calendar, Fall 2012

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Tentative Course Calendar


Week 1: Introductions and Detective Fiction and the Genre Novel

  • Tue: Introductions Syllabus Review
  • Thu: Introduction to the Detective Genre (Hand-out/reading from Stephen Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature)

Week 2: High Modernism

  • Tue: Discuss Ernest Hemingway's In Our Time (Stories up to and including The Three-day Blow)
  • Thu: Continue discussion of In Our Time (“The Battler” to “Big Two Hearted River: Part 2”)

Week 3: Modernisms’ Highs and Lows: Dashell Hammett and the Hardboiled Novel

  • Tue: Discuss Dashell Hammett’s Red Harvest Chapter 1-13
  • Thu: Continue discussion Chapters 13-30 of Red Harvest

Week 4: Miller's Crossing

  • Tue. Film in Class
  • Thu. Discussion

Week 5: John Fante as LA's Marginal Modernist

  • Tue. Discussion up to chapter 12 of Ask the Dust
  • Thu. Discussion of rest of Ask the Dust

Week 6: Noir as Film Genre

  • Tue: Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity (screenplay written by Raymond Chandler) Read selections from from James Naremore’s More than Night
  • Thu: Library Research Session

Week 7: The Pulp Writer and Noir as Subgenre: James M. Caine

  • Tue. Discuss First 9 chapters of Mildred Pierce
  • Thu. Discuss remainder of Mildred Pierce

Week 8: Midterm

  • Tue: No Class - Fall Break
  • Thu: Midterm

Week 9: Patricia Highsmith and Queering 1950s Noir

  • Tue. Discussion through chapter 23 of Strangers on a Train
  • Thu. Finish Strangers on a Train

Week 10: The New Noir: Race and the Hardboiled Genre

  • Tue Hurricane Sandy (Class Cancelled)
  • Thu Discuss First Half (up to chapter 18) of Cotton Comes to Harlem

Week 11: Wikipedia Project & Finish Cotton Comes to Harlem

  • Tue Wikipedia Project and Cotton Comes to Harlem
  • Thu Watch film version of Cotton Comes to Harlem

Week 12: Hardboiled Women: VI Warshawski

  • Tue Discussion of first half of Indemnity Only
  • Thu Finish discussion of Indemnity Only

Week 13: Hardboiled History: James Ellroy

  • Tue Discussion of Black Dahlia
  • Thu Discussion of Black Dahlia

Week 14: Alternative Histories: Genre as corrective?

  • Tue Discussion of Devil in a Blue Dress
  • Thu Discussion of Devil in a Blue Dress

Week 15: Hardboiled DC

  • Tue Discussion of The Big Blowdown
  • Thu Discussion of The Big Blowdown

Final Exam

  • Thursday, December 13th from 7-9:30 PM


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