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The first step is to sign on to the site at http://umw.voicethread.com using your EagleNet ID and password. The homepage will look like this


After you sign in, click on your name/email in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. A menu will appear with options. Click the option for MyVoice: 


In the MyVoice section of the site, you will be able to see all of the work you've done so far in UMW's VoiceThread space.


When you're ready to create a new VoiceThread, click the Create tab. 


You can create your own VoiceThread with any of the following media:

  • An image from your computer
  • A video from your computer
  • A document from your computer
  • A media file from one of the integrated Media Sources (like Flickr)
  • An image from a URL 
  • A video directly from a webcam on your computer

In this example, we've uploaded an image from our computer to get started:


You can repeat the media upload/add process as many times as you need until you've completed building your VoiceThread.

(NOTE: At any point, you can add a title to your VoiceThread by clicking (Add a title and a description) above the Media Uploader.)

Once you've completed building your VoiceThread, you can add your own comments to any of the media to get things started. Simply click the Comment button, and you'll be presented with a preview of your VoiceThread. On any of the slides in your VoiceThread, click the white Comment button. 


A small interface will appear showing you the ways you can add comments to a slide: 


There are several ways you can commen upon a VoiceThread slide: 

  • You can upload an image as a comment (click the up arrow)
  • You can write a text comment (click the type button)
  • You can audio record yourself using a built-in microphone on your computer (click the record button)
  • You can video record yourself using a built-in camera on your computer (click the small video camera button)
  • You can audio record yourself using your own phone (click the phone button)

After you add comment to a slide, a small icon will appear in the margins (with your user icon/avatar) to indicate that you've added something. Anyone can click on this to see/view your comment:


Once you've created your VoiceThread, you'll want to share it with others. Click the Share button to seet the interface for choosing people to share your VoiceThread with. 

You can share with people in a number of ways: 

  • Click Get a Link to copy the URL of your VoiceThread to your clipboard so that you can give it to anyone you like. 
  • If you already belong to a group, you can choose to share your VoiceThread with it. 
  • If you want, you can click the New+ button to set up a new group to share with. 
  • If you want to share your VoiceThread with individuals, you can add them as contacts by clicking Add+


People whom you share your VoiceThread with will be able to comment upon your slides and the comments of others. 

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